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Default RE. The rules or rather the lack of rules.

Originally Posted by PeteM View Post
Hei Andy,


Of course it's going to have be regulated, probably via domestic qualifying competitions all round. Yes I agree, I thought that was about to begin, it is a world championships after all

Suggestions ? a number of options, probably some sort of percentage based on national competition results (like GP's) or possibly one competition with a cutoff score.

Personally, I don't believe we'll fill 150 slots here ... just a hunch

You might be surprised about that Andy, I'm hoping to attend.
Hi Peter, you have put forward some rather interesting questions supported by other British shooter's. We have been shooting the Worlds since 1995 . What you have to understand is that it is all a load of Toffee the WFTA doesnt have any rules , it is a hotch potch of ideas from individuals in various countries. With regard to qualification thats a load of baloney , in the USA 1997 you qualified if you got there. What do you think the criteria will be to qualify for New Zealand . How many shooters want an even money bet on that of 100.00.

Regards Gerard.
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