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Thumbs up Simple HFT range card ?

Hi all

We have a few new shooters at the club , some are new shooting and others new to hft which I think is a positive for any club .

Anyway I was doing my usual by waiting for everyone to run out of pellets so I could have the range to myself as I needed to set out my targets for a new range card . Derek the gaffer said that a few of the chaps would like to see how to do a simple range card so we set 4 lanes out at 8,10,12,13,15,20 and 25 yards on the indoor range and placed a target accompanied by a 10 mm knockdown for every shooter .

It was great to see the the aim points work on the 10 mm after we all checked them on paper , I like to practice at all ranges with a reducer as that way I know the aim point is right on that specific distance ... its a good confidance booster anyway if nothing else !

Sorry to preach to anyone but this could well be worth half an hour of your time to get newbies used to aim points using a simple method ie : aim for the line and read off the mil dots etc

I actually really enjoyed the evening especially as it seemed to help us all ... I just hope that the weekends comp only has targets out to 25 yards !!! lol


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