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Originally Posted by steve61 View Post
hi all , thought you may be interested to hear i have just recieved a new port hole i have to send the orginal one back to steyr as there as been a problem with them. i wonder if that was my problem as well,i hope so.can any one tell me what the problem could of been. cheers all i will let you know if there is a marked improvement.

many thank

If the new one is Silver in colour you won't notice an improvement, you will however notice a massive drop off in the number of shots you get from a fill as the Silver one has a much smaller hole through which the air flows.

On a lot of guns a restrictor will keep the restricted air in the cylinder/reg but the Steyr restricts the air after it has left the firing valve so there is a lot of wasted air escaping into the action.

This Silver valve is just Steyr playing lip service to Anti Tamper, most people drill the hole out anyway to return it to the same size as the original black transfer port

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