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Yeah I've been over all those sources about a year and a half ago

Very helpful, but the application to air rifles doesn't quite translate.

Tubb's reticle could work, if you abandon clicking and use holdover entirely (nah no thanks). However qdos to him/them for doing the work on their own areas of expertise. Its why I am sure WE can do the same, but make it quicker and easier to use for a timed Field Target match.

The DA Chart is the basis of what I propose. It would be what you have in your pocket the entire time, and you consult it for a ballistic solution. The cards would apply to YOUR OWN rifle. How to apply a DA correction is not well understood by most.

The amount of DA effect is significant on an air rifle at subsonic speeds, even given the very short distances we are talking about. The chart and compensation sheets are the basis, but the system must work from memory on the line.

I have a system I use from memory for elevated shots and wind shots, and DA shift works in a very similar way, so the system could work the same way from your memory if you know the DA difference from when you set up originally.

Identifying the patterns, and then learning simple rules of thumb, no calculators or slides or gadgets.
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