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Originally Posted by Amac View Post
Could somebody please advise me just what the problem is with recent/current Steyr supplied barrels? All of the guns I am familiar with (and thats quite a few now) have no problems whatsoever with putting together superb groups. Why change what is working superbly well anyway, unless of course you have discovered a "rogue" or a bad batch of JSBs?

Have to agree wholeheartedly with this.

I've got a "FAC" version, which I run at sub 12 ft/lbs. Legally I don't have to, but for FT competition's sake Its set that way, and can be adjusted back up at any time.

I've learned the hard way over the years I have owned it that it was always me not knowing how to get the best out of it, not the fault of the rifle/barrel if it wasn't giving the best performance.

I've learned a lot from reading on places such as this forum (many thanks guys), and trying things out on the range and FT course. The rifle I have today is standard as it came from the factory but shooting 100 times better in my hands now than 4 years ago. That is down to knowledge gained, and being careful what I feed it and how it is set up.

The standard barrel (as with all rifles of any type) has certain characteristics that it will display with certain pellets of different weights/lengths/head sizes when shot at different speeds in different atmospheric conditions. It is always down to the owner to work it out and learn that.

So a simple change of barrel may or may not give a better result, but its not a fault of the Steyr barrels because there are factors to account for depending on where you live and shoot, and what you feed it.

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