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Originally Posted by rickysdaystate View Post
any info on the tesro air rifle? i thought i might of heard abit of news about them by now, has anyone got one yet? are they the same/better/or worse than the lg300? and what is the price
You can email Tesro & ask this guy -

The last news is dated is from March, 2011 ...from my Dutch shop..

" I spoke with Tesro today and i asked them about the FT airrifle. They told me that they are thinking about producing an FT airrifle based on the RS100. At the moment they have started experimenting with it and are testing with regulators etc.. At the IWA they have launched a new .22. l.r. target rifle, according to them they can just take on 1 project at a time because they are a small company. If everything turns out well they might be able to launch it around the end of 2011 but it's far from certain. "
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