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i imagine hes waiting for scotland

if they didnt have a laptop then snail mail to get to tony even if its via a shooter things need to be varified and usually tony is on hand straight away.

this does happen most times for that particular GP (this is not a critisim either just an observation over the last few years)

i do know some scores were up but nothing official and also due to the untimely death of one of the shooters whom scores would be calculated from(not that should change scoring) showdown placings and countback etc

really does it matter? i really dont want to know ive dropped a few places. i am shooting the rest of the season where ever my name ends up in the list

maybe we have got used to it being so quick that sometimes we dont realise the pixes and fairies need a break too ( now it seems im calling tony a pixie or fairy and i believe hes niether)

little gremlin maybe

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