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Originally Posted by Gibbs View Post
Surely, there is a simple (if a little long winded) solution to shooting in "thinner" air.
Thinner air will simply make your trajectory flatter. So to reform the original curve and restore your original zero, you have two adjusters to tweak.
1# The turret
2# The power of the gun

If you turn down the gun and dial in your original zero until the top of your trajectory is back where it was and the 55 yarder comes in back where it was, then surely all your original settings will be spot on?


the effect of the change of atmosphere isn't that the muzzle velocity will change... In SA my walther shot the same speed, the 8-25 yd was the same (or as near as damnit) but the far end was shooting high... that's because the thinner air at altitude didn't slow the pellet so much.

unfortunately the density of air is derived from a combination of pressure, temp and humidity, and as such there can be crossovers or reverse trend if one of those is pushed to an extreme... it's why the Kestrels use the "density altitude" as an indicator of air density.
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