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Bugger the science.

How does it translate into an easy to use ballistic solution, in a predictable way?

Chairgun can show whats going on if you are prepared to yet again fudge the input data to reflect the actual reality, but one has to understand the natural elements at work, and then discover the quantified effect upon one's own set up. Its different for each rig, and how it is set up with the scope, and where it was set up.

The path alters as well as the zero. This is caused by drag, or the lessening/increasing of it due to less or more dense air. Well we knew that. The question is how does it translate at a new venue to your own equipment, in comparison to the location you set it up.

In each country, or even in different regions within same country, trajectories are different, and people's rig setup varies. People who live at altitude have a vastly different FT experience day to day than the average low lander.

The solution is similar to the concept of the "fdac" field density altitude calculator. The problem is that it is going to be a very custom piece of kit, printed out for specifically ONE rifle/scope setup. No FT rifle will be the same as another, so its going to have to be tailored by the individual FT shooter for their individual rifle/scope setup and will have to be based upon a set Trajectory at a known standard atmosphere.

Alternatively, you could write it off as a bad day, and go fishing instead.


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