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Originally Posted by Kingplinker View Post
Any idea of numbers of those travelling from the uk Rob - I was invited to this by James Mitchell who lives in Pretoria but sadly I can't make it . I was also put off by all the warnings about SA , shame as it looks a great place to shoot ! ( the comp not the streets )


Well...ha... you'd think being english sec and all, someone would tell me ...

But with my mind reading hat on...6 booked on the same flight as me... a few from bisley as well... and no doubt there's a few more playing their hands close to their chests... and i haven't even looked at the booking in sheet yet!... so i reckon perhaps 20+.

Quality though... put it this way, highly likely ii won't make the 4 man i'm hoping the other countries stretch it to 8 where i might stand a chance.

Then there's the welsh boys to contend with.

There could be a springer team and a ladies team as well.

I wouldn't worry about the danger, Dale from Cornwall FTC knows the ground well and is doing a lot of liason between us and what he knows... plus, have you seen my driving? Having a 4x4 with bull bars as well! ... nah, seriously, Dale says it's safe where we're going.
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