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Hei Pete ...

Let me explain one critical thing before I answer your Q's. The NFTAC accepted the chair for this period, but stipulated that there would be a 150 competitor limit at the WFTF Championships. We therefore have to review entries at the initial application date, giving as many RGB's as possible the opportunity to attend. Application cut-off dates should still give single entries time to obtain cheaper flights, if there are places left.

How many competitors from each RGB are allowed to enter? See statement above...
We now have to qualify to enter? No
What is the qualification requirement? None
Is the qualification criteria set by each individual RGB? For RGB teams yes, otherwise no.

What is the web address of the WFTF site, Rob has mentioned a couple of times on other threads?

Here's a question for you and other readers of this thread ... 16 RGB teams attended the worlds in Italy. There are 29 member RGB's in the WFTF. What do we do when we have a membership of 60 RGB's ? Of course it's going to have be regulated, probably via domestic qualifying competitions all round. Suggestions ?

Personally, I don't believe we'll fill 150 slots here ... just a hunch
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