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Originally Posted by Twang View Post
Hey James'y - You were missed mate ! Still, next year you're on my patch and I'll look after you ! I thought the course was physically demanding. I kinda lost the plot on the targets from 1 to 4 on all three courses, and ain't used to 40 degree uphill standers. Last day on white I had a few double bubbles at the end of the "avenue" - don't know why - but that's it isn't it. If you don't know you can't correct it. Hey ! no excuses, Burvys did a good gob and kept his average up. Well worth his win and good luck to him. I put in some 9's, 8's and 7's every day, but 3's and 4's soon bring you back to earth .... I love this game Keep your ****** up, and I'll see you next next year ... ok ?
Yes buddy, consistent scores are difficult to achieve but necessary for a top place...i'm looking forward to next year. Unless there's anymore unforseen complications in my recovery...i will be there.
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