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Originally Posted by Knockedover View Post
As with any event I've thoroughly enjoyed looking through the pics of the recent FT Worlds but one of the things I noticed was the extreme sizes of sidewheels some of the foreign shooters are using!! So it got me thinking, I can see that the larger the wheel the larger the range gaps and the more accurately you can gauge the distance, so my question is with the bigger wheel theoretically being an advantage why aren't they so popular with UK shooters? Just a question out of curiosity more than anything
On the face of it a large sidewheel offers advantages of greater resolution (the gap between 50-55 yards you always hear about) BUT with size comes weight and with weight comes inertia. What that practicly means that if you spin the wheel quickly to snap the focus in then the wheel builds up inertia and overshoots the point where the "snap" is optimal, in laymans terms leading to an inaccurate reading, therefore defeating the purpose of having such a large sidewheel in the first place.
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