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Originally Posted by berty177 View Post
I am looking to give a shooting briefing when competitiors turn up at 9am.

It will initially be a shotgun start for approximately 09:30am. If others then turn up then they can join on at lane 1.

There are 2 seperate courses set out, they are yellow course and white course.

The yellow course will be the one shot first in the morning and then the white course in the afternoon session.

I am hoping to have a break between courses say half an hour, so that will happen when the last shooter comes off the yellow course.

It makes it easier to maintain with a bit of order there etc. No one cocks up then do they(fingers crossed).......

It is an open so there will be some longer than usual reducers and the odd long shot to contend with. It is set out over the first 2 fields and goes around in a horse shoe style. Like the GP course in 2009. So not a long walk for people.....

hope to see you there and enjoy the day.....

Can you confirm the entry fee, as on the main add for this event it says 8.00 not 10.00 ?
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