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Yea an early miss can go either way; settles you down because at least you don't have the pressure of a clean card anymore, or more usually, o feck, is this the first one of many.
Answers on a postcard which one our Holly usually falls into.
Personally I hate shooting in the heat, scope goes tits up, usually after the gun, you get all hot and stressed because of said gun/ scope, sweat starts to drip out of/into places you never knew you had and overall it's not enjoyable.
No, give me a nice winter league shoot with horizontal freezing sleet, fingers from Stalingrad in'42 and even our Holly entertaining the entire county in the background any day....

Originally Posted by NJR 100 View Post
Nerves went after target 1 = miss 1.

No, it was the experience os shootying in a sauna. Drank 3 lt of water per corse and did not need to pee, it found other routes out and evaperated.
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