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Default Plan B

Well, that was an experience.

Have to admit I could have come off the course and straight onto a plane after day 1, but by the end it was i think an enjoyable trip.

Thats in no small part thanks to the company, banter and new friends.

So, firstly thanks to Paula Calpin for taking photos for me on day 2 + 3. I am extremley gratefull for you help. Thanks to to Calps for words of wisdom on day two.
Thanks to my Taffy flying buddies and of course the Kelts and "Eenglangders" on the trip, especially Mike "Dan Eley" Yarwood.

Thursday practice.

session 1 and although windage was given a single click, hieght and grouping was a major problem.
Lunch and session two provided better results. However, it seemed as if the scope was over ranging and the dialing clicks had got on the wrong plane?

Day 1 Red course.
Started on lane 15 which was two mini kills. Not sure but target 14 may have been a 20 ml kill as apposed to a 15 ml? Not sure but first shot nerves saw me pull it onto 3 oclock = Bad Shot.
Target 15 was a 15 ml, about 12 M and not shootable in the sitting position. Took it kneeling and hit it.
Missed a few shots as we made our way round, shot one target out of sequence, a combination of not being happy with the scope / heat conditions.
Or being an idiot?
Still, got to lane 1 and was pleased to hit one of the steep long uphil targets but my belly, which seems to have swollen in the heat got in the way of target 2! Still, 6 down did not seem that bad??
Nailed the uphill standers on lane 2 including the reduced one and set off up the waterfall to lane 3. This is where i lost the plot.
Standing lane, no real differculty as range was around 30 m and full kills. However, the path is fairly steep climb and that was what i was then standing on. Had a loaded gun in my hand and was falling over with it, missed the first one through balance and just fired off the second for saftey. Not happy.
Guess i could have stood on the bean bag? Hindsight a wonderfull thing? Experience gained
We we a lane behind Gilly and when we got to lane 5 he warned me you had to take the second one kneeling to avoid the grass. Sure enough i had a green blure but tried to lift me leg that bit higher to clear, resulting in a wobbly kneel and spilt at 9 oclock. Should have listened, hindsight etc.
did however knuckle down, desperate to finish with a 4 in the front of the score and thus managed to ihit the remaining 18 targets.
Finished on 41. Red course was long, lots of full kills at 45m plus, but little wind. Think i came out of kill once, but was edge lots. was however guessing the dialing for alot of targets, somewhere between 4 -6 clicks off.
I was surprised to find myself on page 1 of the results (24th ish) but knew it could have been bettter.

Green Day 2.
Started on lane 19, top of the weaterfall and a stander. My legs were not fully recovered from the climb and despite the shortish range, 30 m with a "slight" uphill i could not get steady and double dinked. think i needed at least another 10 mins. bad luck being drawn on that lane to start!
Missed a 30 ml kill at around 40m for wind and then the steep downhill reducer on lane 25, did not take enough clicks off.
managed to get the steep uphill pair on lane 1 but then came lane 2 Green, the one where shooters were on their backs to get the angle. Hit target 3 which was full kill (Owl target) but had no luck on lottery target 4 which was the very steep 25 ml one.was close, but not lucky and thats to me all that target was.
Missed the pair in the chrono field, gave wind and there surprisingly was none, should have stayed i9n kill. Pulled a 25 m 1 inch kneeler, that was just a bad shot and missed a few more for wind, usually me giving it where it did not need it! Actully missed the platye on the last lane as my windycater was showing l - r so gave half inch left and it went left. Missed that 30 ml at 45 m then to drop to 38.
Not a gret score but for me Green was the hardest course and I just shot badly.
Got some valuble advise from Calps though and set off for the chiaese resteraunt.

Day three White.

Cooler. By now was more in tune with conditions and set up so for the first time over the course had confidence in the kit. In hindsighht i should have adjusted the top turret and gone with it instead of trying to guess clicks.
Started on lane 19 again so standers after climbing the waterfall
Bit shaky as first up but really just pulled this one, 30 ish m full kill slight uphill. split at 11 oclock. Made sure on the 25 ml target 2 though. put a bit of run in before brain switched off at lane 1. sat down and thaught "that looks 50m" so set clicks, gave nice wind and struck 12 oclock. Range found target to find it was 45 meter! missed target 3 (25 ml at 30 ish M) due to unexpected wind, not me lol
Then came to cliff edge lane 3. Not alot of room for a chap my size and my foot slipped off the rock as i went for target 5. Robbed! Again!
So lanes 1 - 3 and it was oxoxo and now 4 down, so ok i thaught.
missed the 7 meter 15 ml kill in lane 6, start of the dark road. Forgot to take clickes off!
then put a bit of a spurt on till the downhill standers. hit the 25 ml stander, split the full. Tart!
Then double dinked the lane 15 mini kill pair. Took too many clickes off the first target, 12 m ish, them shot the bank on second target!
fininish on my best shots of the champs. two lkng ones, 47 m and 45 m in the field, lane 18. Rain had started so gave the 47 m edge, 3 oclock. However, by the time i loaded for the final target the wind was "propper" and rain was falling at an angle. Turned to Howard the Yank i was shooting with and saif this was like being at home so i was giving it homw (propper) wind. Moved to last dot = 2 full kills and watched the pellet sial almost onto cente of paddle. Best till last!

so that was the shooting. Leanrt alot about shooting abraod.

Had some great experiences and not so great with eating out. Made som,e new friends and overall enjoyed the banter.

Dan Eley made the classic SEFTA mistake of taking me on in a 10 euro bet.
He was 4 down after day one so suspect some of Fridays beer induced his call to place 10 on the table.
He pulled back to one down after saturday and was confident at dinner saturday night that the 10 was his.
It took till sunday morning but the 10 euro ended up where it belongs.
Its now going for framing as a momento of the trip.

Some photos to follow, Still knackered.

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