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Default My HW77K project

I've owned this MK2 HW77K for almost 18months now, still isn't finished. It was bought for 70 which should say what sort of condition it was in. It did have a reasonable lefthand Tyrolean stock though, which i tidied up and sold on, the action had been painted and was a combination of paint, bare metal and a very light coating of rust.
The action was stripped and sent away for re- blueing and tuning to Dave hall, who also fitted a V-MACH muzzle brake i bought.
I got a very nice walnut blank off of Dave too, and again he helped out by getting it inletted for me, only problem was, Customstock who did the inletting have to do the initial shaping before they can inlet and their CS1000 is the biggest design that would leave me the most amout of wood to play with afterwards, i'm not a fan of the CS1000 design and to try to leave a reasonable amout of wood in the forend to give a deep stock i had to have it made adjustable, i went to Dave tomlinson at Redfearns for this. He and Roy ironmonger make and fit the adjuster mechanisms, i got Dave to do the cheeckpiece too while he was at it.
So, this is what the gun looked like when i bought it...

The Tyrolean stock finished, with my HW97K acion sitting in it.

The action back...looking all pretty and shiney!

The walnut blank that would become the stock for it.

The stock when i got it back, before starting to shape and sand it.

And the latest pics, some shaping done to lessen the large drop between the forend, hole cut to place thumb of trigger hand vertical, cheeckpiece and rear of stock design altered, forend altered again.

And i've started drilling the pistol grip and rear of stock for some lead filled copper pipe to adjust the balance of the gun, as it's too front heavy with the stock as is. The pistol grip will have an ally spacer and rosewood cap.
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