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Default A good day

well I;ve got to say for the first time I think there was no shoot-off at MAD today as a little drizzle put the 2 shooters off who were top scorers ,we at MAD pride ourselves in our SHOOTING CLUB and for PRISILLA AND MATTILDA not to participate in a shoot-off for first place because of a few drops of rain was beyound belief, please lets not let this be the norm, we are a shooting club and the winner is the guy who knocks the most targets down on the day if you dont want to shoot in the comps at MAD sit on the plinking range all day .
Now on to Terry Wheatley who spat his dummy out because he dropped more targets than a few people who shot the course today,big baby must do better was heard from afew members .
A great shoot today had;nt shot the UK courses and it shot really well with a bit of messing about with the target line ,I think we will continue with 2 or 3, 40 shotters each year ,seemed to go down well .

cheers Ian
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