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Default MAD Open Results 4th Sept

Maldon And District

September Open

Great Day with over 50 shooters getting involved. Matilda decided not to have a shoot-off with Shirley due to the weather.

PositionNameScoreClass (Open if not stated)
1Matilda Griggs76 
2Shirley Woods76 
3Geoff Ryder74 
4Barry Smith73 
5Gary Chillingworth73 
6Simon Jones72 
7Matt Rawlings72 
8Alex Larkin72 
9Roger Lait72 
10Lloyd Davies71 
11Simon Vant71 
12Ian Bainbridge70 
13Darren Quincey69 
14Ray Hampton68 
15Colin Matthews68 
16Anne Russell67Ladies
17Harry Fallows67 
18Tim Bohr67 
19Alan Moss66 
20Andy Yates66 
21Ralph Presland66Springer
22Jennie Stone 65  
23Becky Rawlings65Junior
24Simon Edwards65 
25Simon Dixon65 
26Richard Bailey64 
27Steve Willingham64Springer
28Shaun Eustace64 
29Dave Allam63 
30Matthew Edwards63 
31Jean Greatrex62Ladies
32Peter J Edwards61 
33Bill Chaplin61 
34Kyle Hampton60Springer
35Richard Cunningham60 
36Peter T Edwards60 
37Nick Cant59 
38Dennis Oakes59 
39Phil Russell58 
40Mark Hackford58 
41Mike Reed56 
42Steve Freeman54Springer
43Tom Willingham54Junior
44Matthew Goddard53Junior
45Donald Alcock52 
46Michael Holliday49Springer
47Callum Quincey48Junior
48Peter Nichols48 
49George Vant41Springer
50Jamie Mann38Junior
51Simon Mann34 
52Terry WheatleyDNF 

Notice to all members: If anyone finds Terry's dummy, can they please return it before the next shoot.
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