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Originally Posted by Matt View Post
MAESTRO - care to comment further about the course building? Back here we are all intrigued as to some of the scores.
Well, the courses are well-built and versatile - but some of the WFTF rules are broken and those who shoot from a low position and/or are short can't see them and suck. I've lost 5 points on those targets and will lose 2-3 more tomorrow. Why didn't we rather go to Venice, why?

The courses are really versatile. The shooters from Eastern Europe know the Morsko range in Poland well, but there are not too many places in England which would be similar. As I said the landscape is beautiful, it's a woodland with a lot of brooks, ponds and waterfalls around a nunnery. The path has several dead-endings with only 1 or 2 lanes and very different conditions. The lanes follow each other as in Hungary, green 1 - white 1 - red 1 - green 2 - etc. and they obviously paid attention to have the same difficoulty for each colour. The positional lanes are not always on the same numbers, though. There were 4 standing and 4 kneeling targets on each course, with some reducers too.
- You start above the nunnery, shooting 35 degrees uphill to targets at 50 and 55 yds.
- Two standers on 30-35 yards very uphill too, one of them is a reducer. A shooter, who must not be named, didn't even hit the plate, balancing his red FWB on the top of his fingernails, bad luck.
- Then walk up beside a chain of small waterfalls (picturesque!) and shoot another two standers from a wet and sloped ground. These are full size and only 25-30 yds and not so much uphill, finally some success.
- You go to the next lane which is on the end of a path, and shoot two targets in the depth of the dark woods. The targets are painted blue anyway with natural metal paddles so you couldn't learn from the misses. It would have been better to shoot yellow targets with black kills for example.
- Then two targets on an open field where you can't feel the wind - but the pellet can though... One of the targets is not visible for everybody, has to be taken kneeling or from an awkward sitting position.
- There's a small uphill walk between all these lanes until we go to an allee. The left side is very similar to the one in Hungary last year, slight downhill targets with no real wind but they're dark and far away. Some had two standers deep down, one of them is a reducer, without too many hits on the kill.
- On the other side of the allee some uphill shots, no problem. They can be kneelers for one colour but hittable.
- Then the WFTF rules are raped again on the lane 15 for all tree colours: one of the targets is only a mini kill or similar on 15-25 yds deep down, easy job - but the other one can't be shot again, because there is one more yard of horizontal surface beyond the shooting line and the slope starts only after that. After we had missed it, we went further happily, knowing that we'll have no more from this bloody mess until the last lane where the problem sticks its head out again.
- The lanes are still really versatile, now we shoot on an open field surrounded by woods, the wind doesn't seem to be too much and still there was, those who had these lanes late in the afternoon, had certain problems with them.
- Drinking water beneath the paths, some bottles are cooled in the streams which flow everywhere around us. Chrono tent, pellets weighed by the staff and then loaded by their own hands, professionally.
- Another place again, some shoots which could be even in England, angle lower than 15 degrees, quite unusual here but we loved them.
- Uphill shots again but not too high, no problem.
- Aaaaand: the path passes next to a narrow ravine, one of the targets is hittable, but the another one not really because of the ground, missed of course. Some marks and footprints way beyond the shooting line, how on earth did they get there, huh? The lane green 25 was purely dangerous to sit on the very edge, one false move and you slip down with the loaded rifle in the hand.
- So we're again at the nunnery but arriving from the other side, we have done a big circle in the woods. With our last effort we walked back to the cars.

The WFTF rules say that the targets have to be visible from all shooting positions, standing/kneeling/sitting/prone. Even prone, damn it! But what do you do if you can't take a kneeling lane kneeling? Or a free style lane sitting? And the marshalling was not consequent, some told me that I can go further with a few centimeters on those lanes but not more. Other marshall on other day told me that the trigger thing is not important here just my shoulder has to remain behind the posts. Some shooters didn't ask just sat 1-2 ft beyond the shooting line and got away with. A lot of shooters complained about this multiple breaking the course building rules. The official answer was that it's up to the shooter to choose his shooting position on these lanes and there will be no change on the courses nor any of them taken out from the competition.

My impressions are: imagine you're served with a temptingly steaming, golden soup full of all the most delicous ingredients, it really makes one's mouth water. Just there are a few flies on the plate as well. Maybe you don't mind it but maybe they take your appetite away. It's a pity, a real pity.
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