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Well.........went to see the oncologist yesterday, and i've got 24 weeks worth of further chemotherapy to look forward to.
I'm not sure if it's just the fact that i didn't sleep too good wednesday night, but i felt a bit down yesterday, just fed up generally.
I've always felt, and said, that having cancer and the treatment is like being on a and downs, up until yesterday the downs have always been physical. Now yesterday it was a mental down.
This latest news just really caught me off guard, i never imagined having another 6months of treatment before getting anywhere near back to normal.
Two of the lymph nodes they removed had cancer cells, so to give me the best chance of beating this and either prolonging the time before it comes back or hopefully it never coming back, i opted for the more intensive treatment which entails an injection once or twice in a fortnight and a daily tablet dose, then a week off, that's one cycle, two weeks on, one week off, and there's eight cycles.
Back on the rollercoaster in a couple of weeks at the earliest, sooner rather than later i hope. Just want it done with.
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