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It's got nothing to do with what pellet you prefer, more what pellet at what velocity your barrel prefers.
It's pointless spending 2 grand on a shooting rig to use pellets that give larger groups just because they're cheaper.
Use the best performing pellets for your barrel or you'll be constantly crossing fingers and toes before squeezing the trigger

Originally Posted by Jimbob 2705 View Post

As Webley Mosquitoes are getting fairly hard to get hold of now (well at a reasonable price), I am considering changing to JSB Exact Express.

I can get the Express for 8 per tin (from Intershoot) which seems good value to me, especially when compared to the prices of Mozzies now.

Obviously I will check to see if my rifle likes them first! Infact, I have a tin on it's way to me now as we speak!

Which would you prefer to use if they both gave similar results? Does one seem more consistent, less damaged pellets, better padded?

Any help would be appreciated!

Thanks and ATB

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