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Default Thanks for reply

Hi Steve, Thanks for the reply, some further questions on your comments below.

On a good day from the bench hitting 10mm spinners is borring !!!

What distance are your 10mm spinners? I'm assuming 45 yards if you shoot HFT.
A gun can be really good out to 45 yards but any longer it doesn't perform that well.
I shoot FT so need performance out to 55 yards.

And as to photos of groups, you need to get out more !!! I'd rather be out on the course than taking photos !!!!

I only want one photo of a 55 yard group, people are always saying how good a gun is, but never back it up with real world data.

I get out every day to practice.
I've been having problems with my present gun and am looking for something else.
Haven't been able to shoot one only hold it in a shop which doesn't help much.

PS check out my pictures to see the changes I've done to mine !!
Where are the photos of your gun?
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