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Hi Pete,
I've had one since the second batch came into the contry,the first batch were sold out as soon sa they hit the shops !!!
To answer you.

It's a bit nose heavy, some people with them are changing the air cylinder to an ally walther !!

Cocking is a bit stiff.I find you need the butt on your shoulder or upper arm to pull against. Some user's have stripped the action and polished the tee shaped bolt but I haven't bothered.

Very easy to roll the pellet in and slid it back onto the end of the bolt. I'm as blind as a bat without reading glasses on but can do it without even looking !!

Most weekends shooting HFT rounds I only go back to the car to fill up because all my mates HAVE TO.

On a good day from the bench hitting 10mm spinners is borring !!!

And as to photos of groups, you need to get out more !!! I'd rather be out on the course than taking photos !!!!

To finish, a GREAT gun for the money and as the secound hand price is about £450 you can't go wrong !!


PS check out my pictures to see the changes I've done to mine !!
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