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In current ownership (takes deep breath)...

[.177 unless otherwise indicated]

HW100 in GinB FT stock, Nikko 10-50x60, U.K.Neil brass air stripper. (FT rig occasionally pressed into service for HFT)
HW97K, Bushnell 4200 6-24x40 (newest gun, being groomed to become FT springer - CS800 on order)
HW80K, GinB t/hole stock, Hawke SR6 3-12x44 (HFT springer)
HW77K, lazaglided and reblued (1995), CS800 stock, Simmons 6.5-20x44. Her ladyship, originally purchased in 87, now in semi retirement.
Old Diana mod. 15 (needs TLC as not enough puff to get pellet out of bore!)
Crosman 66 pump-up plinker

Rohm Twinmaster Top, modded to 5 ft.lbs, with Hakko Panorama red dot (winter league FT pistol)
Feinwerkbau 65
HW75 single stroke pneumatic
Webley Tempest .22
Manuarm (French break barrel pistol & my first ever airgun)
Umarex S&W 586 6" barrel
Umarex CP88 competition
Umarex PPK/S
Diana mod 6
Diana 6M (in need of TLC)
partial Diana mod 6 (spares donor for above 2)
Harrington Gat
Daisy 1896 BB repeater (winchester replica)

Previously owned:

ASI (Gamo) Magnum .22
Air Arms Mistral .22
BSA Buccaneer .22
Theoben Sirocco Classic
ASI (Gamo) PR15
Crosman 1377
Crosman 1322 (.22)
Webley Tempest .22 (another one)
Daisy 717
Gamo P23

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