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Originally Posted by NJR 100 View Post
Have not looked at the gun since last sunday, but todays "italian" practice day went well.

Gun was spot on power wise and my mysterious dropping pellets at 35 m from sywell have gone.

Practised on 35 m 25ml kills standing, kneeling and sitting, no worries, well ok the standing shot is a tricky one
Cedrtainly think we should be having 25ml kneelers in GP to 35 (yards or meters!). Standers were tough shots, but hitable.
Same for 30 ml kills to 40 m. We took them standing and kneeling too, then i remembered if it were a stander or kneeler it would only be 35m, not 40 m. Still, 30 ml kills sitting and kneeling at 40m no worries. Again, standing just needed some desire to hit.
After those two the 40 ml kill at 45 yards seemed huge for standers / kneelers lol.

We did not have a 20 ml kill so shoved a 15 ml out at 30m. also had 15 ml at 20m and 25 m. Sitters ok, kneelers ok, Standers and it was just down to "wanting" them. They are hitable.

Finished off with half a course to check things out and all is good. Just gott to clean the REV barrel now and empty it for the flight

Realisticaly I am setting my goal as top 20.
Realisticaly , we are setting it as top 50 ??? HOLLY
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