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Agreed that the green meanie shot well, however the stock was just too big for me, so Dave was a natural successor.
The best Anschutz I had was the original yellow stocked one that I flogged to Keith Allen; that standard stock fitted me like a glove.
Without a doubt, the most accurate, consistent rifle I've shot was Ted's Pro-Target, the one I Cleared a winter league course with; it just a sweet spot with the pellet/fps that made it super accurate.

Originally Posted by holly View Post
The first one hundred of em were made with S200 barrels to big em up i was told . then the 30 quid barrel was put on . if you do not want a fashion statement and you do not want to spend a fortune . buy a shutz 2002 or 2020 . for around the 650 mark with all welhams goodies , then get a better stock and you have a rifle that will last and shoot plus is easily looked after with the best barrel and trigger around . why pay more . give you an idea , there are plenty of EVs at our club and when puling the barrels through it takes about 5 patches to get em clean . the shutz takes one patch and that just to be careful . luck HOLLY
PS colin . big bad dave croucher has never shot so well as when he bought your old shtz . i told you not to sell it . that rifle was a keeper ??? HOLLY
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