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I also had the 10x42 and for HFT found it to be second to none, very good half mil ret, very good glass and good depth of field for the HFT ranges.

Although not true mildots I didn't find it to be an issue.

I regrettably got rid of it looking for something better, I bought a panorama as a stop gap while I had a good think and look at what was out there, that was about 4 months ago and although I'm doing ok with the panorama and looked at the alternatives, the sightron 10x42 is still the one that stands out without going into stupid money of course.

There are 2 or 3 things about it I'd have liked where different, I'd prefer true mildots, I'd have preferred it if the turrets where capped rather than tactical, 1 inch tube might have been better and maybe 12 mag rather than the 10.

Having said that if I was in the market for an HFT scope and I will be very soon! The sightron for me is still the nearest thing to what I want it to do for HFT.
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