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Originally Posted by Kingplinker View Post

I know a lot of people favour hft these days but their seems to be more and more talk of people willing to try FT - would it be fair to say that FT is on the increase or are shooters only interested in trying it once to see what its all about ?

many thanks

As for FT itself, i've heard an number of people say it has become more competitive... even though if anything the courses are thought to be harder. That said, I can think of a number of names I haven't seen much or haven't seen as much as i'd like to...but then most GP's are at capacity (if not over...Newbury).

The winter leagues in a lot of regions are strong to ok. (I consider 1:1 target to shooter as a minimum definition of a successful shoot)... I think that's where a lot of new faces have come from.

I think SFT has kicked off... in CSFTA there are a number of HFT'ers that shoot SFT in FT... and there are quite a few FT'ers that HFT as well... I don't see the numbers moving permanently over, but I think there's just more people prepared to go both ways these days. There were more SFT'ers at Newbury than C graders.
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