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Originally Posted by paul yates View Post
hi Guys have any of you tried this scope for FT and if so what are your thoughts please
Great scope, not had any of the problems mentioned above and I have 4. nice wide gaps at 50/55yd on small 75mm wheel. It mags down for standers and nice and light at 22 oz giving the gun great balance. Ranging is easy and reliable once you learn to look for fine detail and never disagrees with mates 40mag lupe comp just takes a little practice. If you are used to sharp click in out focusing it can be hard to adjust but it is reliable. Bearing in mind the cost at about 600 its optics are as good or better than the Nikko. The Leup comp has better optics but wont mag down and costs twice as much. I have used the 6500 for 3 years, since I saw Nick Murphy's and have had no problems.

The 4200 has super clear optics, better than the 6500, but front paralax os PIA.
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