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Originally Posted by Tone View Post
Im going to have to come out on the side of the Air Arms EV2, mainly because I have one (actually 2)

Im not saying its better than the Steyr as any guality rifle in the hands of a top shooter (so that excludes me then ) will drop the target.

An EV2 will go head to head with a steyr in terms of accuracy IMO but its what fits. I have tried a Steyr and have a steyr LP10 pistol myself (generally regarded as the best match pistol in the world) so I know about the quality, its just that for me the EV2 suits at the moment.

There is no twang in the trigger, its very sober and focused, their are no modifications required, its ready to go from the off, palm rest, regulator, thumb up, match trigger, quick fill, 120 shots per fill, dove tail, side lever, bubble level (when needed), bipod / accessory rail, etc etc.

Certainly materials wise they are top quality, from the stock through to the castings and machined elements. I am sure there are rogue ones but all manufacturers tend to have a few weaknesses. I know AA are committed to their QA and will sort out any unforseen problems .

I know the Steyrs get the better scores as most of the top shooters use them and they must have good reasons to come down on the side of the steyr. The EV2 seems to do well in FT, possibly because there are more used than other rifles, dont know.

My one suggestion is that just dont put a heavy scope on it, you shouldn't need to for HFT anyway. Go for light and the best quality you can.


As the owner of two Steyr (Lg100&LG110) I would agree with Tony that the EV2 is as good an FT gun as you can get and wil hit as many targets as the Steyr. The latest FT Steyr is ready to go out of the box with muzel break and FT hampster, it wil give 140 shots to the fill minimum. Try both guns and go with the on that fits you best.
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