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Undoubtedly the Steyr is a nice, light pointable gun. However, after trying mine for a year I felt it was a bit too unstable incomparison to previous rifles I'd owned.
Shot to shot it was very consistent and in still air it was pellet on pellet at 50 yds with a clean barrel, but I found it a real effort to shoot well.
Any slight wandering of concentration and the shot would be off the kill in an instant; it never felt a natural extension of me, more an appendage to be buckled in tight and throttled until it behaved.
Regarding the EV2, I've shot a couple and they seem very similar to earlier Pro-targets, but the reliability seems to be off these days which is a pity.
I wonder if the're still built to order on a Friday afternoon by two bods in an attic at AA HQ, seems like it
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