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Whats wrong with your mk4? Your're putting in some decent scores,

Ian's shooting a mk4 and his scores have risen,
Terry has put in some decent scores with the same gun, (although he maybe using a proper daystate soon)
Dave Ramshead is shooting a modified mk4 action to great effect.

If it ain't broke you can't fix it......

Air Arms ev2's have featured in the past to great effect (Daz L and Ian Harford to name two ?)

I've shot my MK3 FTR for the last 3 years, and my average score hasn't risen, I v'e had the odd good score , and this year, runner up in the matchplay, but thats down to me, not the Gun., last year at MAD uka, Terry used it and shot the same as me (54?), but had hardly shot for the previous year.

Recently I v'e bought a fashionable Steyr lg110 ftr and a Leup mk4, but I haven't seen my scores rise yet, I fancied one and could afford the change, so i bought a fashionable outfit, and I know that if its set up properly, if I miss, it'll be my fault, just like it was with my Mk3FTR, only now, I don't have to remember to plug it in now and again.

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