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Default I like sywell

I know many dont like the place, but the last 3 years now i have shot well there.

i will miss it next year

Still, good day despite starting at 1.30am. From where at 2.30 am i was in McDonalds in Morriston having a big Mac + coiffee while trying not to knock over the drunks returning home from their Sat night out.
Coffee seemed a good idea as I had only gone to Bed at 12 am, so 90 mins sleep and 4 hours drive ahead. indeed, i would have been up some 8 hours by the time we had shot 4 targets lol

Think i kught have written previuosly something about preperation.

anyway, we made it, unlike some toothless old farts i can think of.

started on the penultimate lane in the Field and hit all 4 before heasding off to the Garden where releaf was found in missing the first of the days targets, no 15. 25 ml at 33 yards. Pellet went right where as i expected it to go straight!.
Still, recovered and strung 21 hit along before first miss on the bank (no 37) where the pellet went straight, where as i expected it to go right lol.
Double dinked 43 and 44. 43 went stright again, me expecting the wind to be there but 44 dropped low. Was at 35 m and in hindsight it may ahve been the gun was bit low on power sunday and that being a funny distance on my dialing (lots of clicks between 35 and 40m) it caught me out. No 48 was another one that went straight, but despite initially thinking that 4 dropped on the banks was tthe end of my chances of half decent points, I kept going.
Mainly due to the fact that i wanted to set the best score i could for Holly to beat, thinking he was pm shooting and with Mr.D a lane in front of me and hearing he had finished the banks 3 down i thaught 5 down was not so bad after all.
However, was like a TART on the short stander (no 3) in the field, bad shot but the only one of the day. Not sure hwat happened on no 9 but last miss was another 35 m (kneeler) and again the pellet went low, just below 6!

Still, not bad. Quick check needed before worlds next week on power and dialing, especially around 35 - 40 m but happy enough.

was even happier when Woddy handed back the Grey laminate stock, all shinny

I like.

Think that no 1 Luep will be on the Priest for next season??? See how winter goes?

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