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I tend to do FT more the HFT but have done some of the UKAHFT events a few years ago.
Setup for FT
Main - Ripley AR5s (matt black - 2004) with a Mk2 10-50x60 Nikko.
Backup - Ripley AR5 (circa 1996) with a Zos 10-50x60 scope CS1000 style stock.
As you can tell a bit of a Ripley fan. Both set up at 770fps (11ft/lbs ish) with 4.52 JSB's and have scope risers fitted.

HFT is a Rapid MK2 .177 with a 3-9 Tasco scope. Hopefully going to have a go at some of the Southern Hunters over the Winter with it. Use Premier or accupell 7.9's as both give groups at about 3/4" at 45yds.
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