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A mega well done to " slim " & dave semmens for pulling the rug from under my feet at the last hurdle .Well deserved , as were all the other placings that were hard earned throughout the gp series in all grades .
Weve seen some excellent shooting across the board this year , with the introduction of the extra reducers making the courses a bit easier than usual ( in my opinion ) but bringing a bit more of a precision element to each course which i think most people have enjoyed immensely.
Would like to thank all the bfta officers for all the work that they put in , in front & behind the scenes ....... I know weve had a few little niggles along the way but looking back ,overall its been a brill series .Many thanks to all involved .
Here are a few personal ideas that should hopefully make the gp's 2012 even better ( nothing too drastic ) dont want to put b & c graders or newcomers off !
6 x standers &6 x kneelers
2x 25mm out to 35 yds on kneelers ( sheltered & not 50 ft up a tree )?
25 mm out to 40 yds. sitters
I know the ideas above will make the courses a little harder but when all's said & done all grades are shooting ONLY against people in their own class .Dont think the handicap system is a good idea as most people like to see & gauge how close they can get to the top score on the day ....
Mentioned this to a few at sywell , could it work having AA & A grades shooting one session & B & C , sft & rec grades in the other ???? This would mean that each grade would have the same weather conditions .Also , it maybe an idea to stick each grade up a few percent to even the grade numbers out ??( if you dont want to shoot in a lower grade , you can always elect to go higher )
Thanks again , calps
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