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If you look on the BFTA website you will find the core rules, then additional sets of rules that show how these core rules are applied to the various competitions. There are a few differences sometimes depending on the start nature, i.e., feed on at lane 1 or "Le Mans" type start.

There are also unpublished "rules" or "guidelines", I'm not sure what you would call them, probably conventions rather than rules. For example it's normally expected that the total length of two targets in one lane shall not exceed 100 yards. So a 55 yarder should not be accompanied by anything longer than a 45 yarder.

A few months ago I did some analysis of how well our SWEFTA shooters performed on the GP circuit (which one would assume to be the acme of examination) compared to their successes on the domestic circuit, with its own variation of the rules. 75% put in higher scores at GPs than in the home league, which suggests to me that our own rules produce courses that are certainly no easier. In our 2008 season only five competitors achieved a hit rate above 75% - by that I mean they knocked down more than 75% of the targets they shot at - and one of those is an ex world champion and another is a runner up. I draw no comparison, simply observe that HFT scores are generally much higher.

Is the sport becoming more popular? Here in the south west we have new faces arriving at almost every league shoot. For example, there were three newbies at the Mendip shoot yesterday. We have six others recently started who have not yet done three shoots and will receive their grading when they have.

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