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Darren, that sounds brilliant, ill take that offer up i shot an EV2 this weekend after a very long time of looking but not touching and fell in love after the first shot, completly dead feel to the gun, 100% recoiless, couldnt really test for accuracy as it was on the out side range but i was rock steady with standers and i just LOVE the look of the gun. And for steyr's thay also look the nuts, never shot one, but there are alot of good shots with steyr's getting consistantly good scores....alot more than EV2's any how. The steyr's do seem to be the easier gun to MOT and you dont see that many with any faults, were as i do see quite a few EV2's with problems...BUT if i used my sunday luck and got a good EV2 they seem alot easier to keep, for exsample a steyr needs to be taken to bits if it rains but the EV2 is a simple wipe over with a cloth.

so, the steyrs win with accuracy, and if anything goes wrong, there easier to repair...but for some reason i still prefer the EV2 !!! ill just have to wait untill i fired the two and see which one i prefer then. if i knew the EV2 was up to the job ( as much as the steyr ) and i knew i wouldnt be sending it back every month thats is the gun i would go for. So ill wait to see whether the steyr feels as nice as the EV2 to shoot thanks every one, look forward to seeing you wednesday darren sorry for going on abit, just trying to get my head around it all. many thanks, harry fallows.
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