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I know a certain retailer who has sold 12 new EV2's in the recent months, of this 6 have had to go back to Air Arms for faults (usually leaking regs, causing power issues)

In addition to this, 2 friends bought them last year, one the guage has not worked accurately since new, the other gun was replaced after 1 week as the reg leaked causing 1st shot to be underpowered.

Another friend bought one earlier this year, so far it's been back to air arms for power related problems twice and another occasion when the plating started to peel off the barrel.

I like Air Arms products and still own a couple of pro targets, but this recent history isn't doing them any favours. I've not heard anywhere near the same grumbles / quality control issues from new steyrs that have been brought in through the official UK retailers and have not been messed with by muppets.

as the saying goes...... you pay's your money....
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