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I think in the south west we perhaps take a different view from the mainstream, about FT rules. We have nine clubs that shoot in an annual league to our own set of rules that differ in some respects from the national BFTA rules. They happen to suit our clubs and our membership so that is what we choose to operate under, on a local basis.

Of course, if we are to host a national comp then national rules apply.

Even within our own rules, not every club will stick to them for their own club days, only for regional shoots. For example, our rules specify the maximum distance for mini-kills and the minimum diameter for them. Some clubs will put out targets with less than regulation kill size at more than regulation distance if that is what their membership wants to practise on. But that to some extent is what contributes to the variety of different courses and to the pleasure of taking on the challenge they represent.

No it's not a posh sport. Like all things, some folk treat their guns as male jewellery much as some swear blind their Omega keeps better time than the next chap's Seiko. In terms of outlay, it's amazing how little equipment is actually essential. I have only ever seen one FT course cleared and that was done with a S400, slightly tweaked. Well; it had the "new" three sear trigger before it was standard fitment. I manage to put in reasonable scores and I don't have a Schmidt and Bender. My scope cost me 130 second hand and the owner of this forum will confirm how well it rangefinds.

Not everyone who takes the plunge finds the water warm enough though, and one of the aspects that we as a club want to concentrate on is how new members make the transition from being a plinker sitting with their gun rested on a bean bag, to shooting a proper course. Your first 50+ yard target can be rather daunting. We're thinking about having three targets on each lane, not two, and beginners shoot the easier two, as a mechanism to soften the introduction.
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