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Originally Posted by griggzy View Post
by the way did anybody find some wheels i lost them at peg 30 and i would really like them back before shepreth please

Ahhh... yep, I think I found them. Bearings bit wonky but cleaned up okay. Tried sticking them on with some double sided sticky tape as a little pair of stabilisers... they seem to be doing the trick at the moment, so I'll pass them back to you after the next shoot ta

Absolutely fantastic weekend, so our thanks too to the MAD crew and little helpers who worked so hard to ensure it all flowed smoothly. The courses were superb and the sheer variety of sideshoots great fun.
Dads positively chuffed to have won the springer section on Saturday, it looks like he and Kyle are building up to a good comp for the last 2 rounds!

My thanks to Colin for lending us some insect repellant bands. They worked a treat for the duration of the shoot. Then I came home, got changed and within and hour had been bitten 5 times by the little critters. Hmph. Nice to know where you fit in along the food chain.

Thanks also to Simon (off duty Warlock) and his son Jo for their company over the two days. Hats off to Jo as he had an absolute mare of a shoot on the Saturday but kept his cool and remained remarkably composed. I gather much of Saturday evening was spent radically re-adjusting anything and everything that would move on his AR20, and Sunday he had a much better shoot, despite harboring a wee bit of a hangover.

Gary I have a spare Daisy I can lend you if the Steyr doesn't work out

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