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Originally Posted by JerryD View Post
Nice pics Pete, wish I could've been there. Had to bin it thanks to work.

How did it go? Good shoot? Frustrating? Bank of Doom do it in for people? Let us know how it went before I have to get my next flight out to the land of Chin. Only got a couple of hours here in Dubai.
Good shoot but very frustrating, more wind in the afternoon & very hot, Bank of Doom was maddening, but it was not easy anywhere, I think the top score was 44.
Neil Daniels won after a shoot off with 2 others I believe, sorry a bit sketchy.

I had a terrible day with 22 i.e. 28 dropped, 6 double dink lanes, 3 missed plates. Still I enjoyed it in a perverse sort of way. I finished 5th overall for the season in B Grade.

hope that helps. have a good trip.
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