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Originally Posted by JEV View Post
Not sure this is correct as most .22 pellets have a better balistic co-efficent than .177
In general you're correct, the higher mass of .22 contributes to a higher BC, but my point was in reply to a particular theoretical scenario:
Originally Posted by CameronWilson
If you could find a .22 pellet that had the same weight as a .177 pellet, both would have exactly the same trajectory and therefore the same aim points.
This particular scenario would only be true in a vacuum. In air, the .22 would actually have a worse BC. Same mass but bigger pellet so there is more drag.

An extreme example but if you imagine a ping pong ball with a mass of 3 grammes and an 8mm lead ball of the same mass, launched at the same velocity, you'd never expect them to have the same trajectory because the ping pong ball has hugely more drag. As I say, in the real world the higher mass of .22 pellets gives them a better BC.
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