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Originally Posted by j.waterfield View Post
Hi Jon

Thanks for your input it all helps, the more the better. I am interested to know if you had any discussions with JSB themselves, when and who you had contact with. In all honesty I can say that from the E Mails I have receieved they appeared NOT to be aware of BATCH to BATCH inconsistancy problems, as they do not test in comparision to previous batchs.

Maybe they were, and were careful not to disclose the fact, with all manufacturing processes there can be variation of quality, and generally it seems that various production batchs are either good and work well, or are not so good (for whatever reason) and just do not perform very well causing no end of frustration

The general idea is to try and get JSB to keep the variation of quality within a batch to a minimum and to keep the variation from batch to batch to a minimum also.

I think we would all be a lot more satisfied with there pellets if this were to be the case. We can only try to get them to improve.

John Waterfield
John , May be worth contacting Paul Ekins at air-ammo , Paul had face to face with Pavel 2/3 weeks ago when Pavel was in the UK regarding these as well as other issues As you probably know Paul purchases thousands of tins from JSB ,some smoke and mirrors here methinks
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