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There has been some discussion with some proposals about core rules sent out in the WFTF, so please have a chat with your representatives and see what you propose back. The EFTA suggested some simple things, just so agreement can be made on simple rules... but perhaps when the new WFTF site is finished then debate can be easier. But there are some debates on the email circular list.

(Personally) I seem to think the Millimeters + 10m rule works (15mm to 25m, 25mm to 35m, 35mm to 45m, 40 to 50m... and 10m to 50m for the targets... not sure about reducers on positionals. But that is my view, and not the EFTA's! I just communicate what the chairman and management committee decide...

But if they're the maximum distance and miniumum sizes then you can always make courses easier.

Is France coming into the WFTF? We'd love to be able to visit France with the airguns, it could open a whole lot of competitions up for Western Europe with ease...
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