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Originally Posted by rich View Post
Maybe each squad should be chosen so that a top shot is there to impart some knowledge and experience to the up and coming, or is he going to say, it's taken me ten years to get here and no way am I sharing any of it with you lot snapping at my heels.
I would like to think that I always try and give some help when I am squaded with lower grade shooters. It depends on how I read them and if I think they will take the advice well

Triigger technique is normally a problem that I see and will point out ways to improve.

I have even advised people to lay off coffee right before a shoot as they commented that they struggle for the first few lanes and then seem to settle down - they had put it down to nerves but caffein could as easily been the problem.

I was lucky when new to the sport - I shot with people like Calps, Bainsey, Ian Taylor, Trev Ryan - all of them would give advice even though they knew you would be snapping at their heels one day
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