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All this just shows that not everyone can agree what the problem is, if there is one in the first place.

If we want to make the whole sport as inclusive as possible and make sure that no concessions are awarded to lesser shots and give the up and coming the proper degree of challenge, shooting tough courses, then there is a case for doing away with grades altogether.

What function does grading perform? One, to give middle order shooters a trophy or some kudos for doing well. How does grading alter who you shoot with? It doesn't. Maybe it should. Maybe each squad should be chosen so that a top shot is there to impart some knowledge and experience to the up and coming, or is he going to say, it's taken me ten years to get here and no way am I sharing any of it with you lot snapping at my heels.

Shooters say they only take part for the fun of the day out, and almost the scores don't matter. I don't think that applies to very many. If I haven't got the results of our regional shoots circulated within hours I get asked what the delay is, so one's performance relative to the group is important. If that was not so, we would not have had the information note on here last week that the GP8 results would take a day longer than usual.
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