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Last two posts i just hinted at Crossman.

The first batches of Crossman were the best from 1993 when first imported in to the country. Same scenario, demand and supply 1995 on, speed up machines and turn out junk. I went off them quite late compared to others 2001/2 when they were no where near as bad as JSB recently.
Always needed washing and lubing, the zero would change to normality then.

Must admit i was very highly tempted to pick up a new box of Crossmans from DAI when i had the last batch of Mossies late September. Didnt want to plot the trajectory out, no time.
New distributor for Crossman products, do the odd repair for them when they are stuck and can get at trade price.

Only 4 tins of Mossies left, just started having to size this batch, so will last a lot longer than the other 6 tins did = Time to find an alternative. Been down this route for many years, just JSB alone cost me heartache, thousands of pounds, time and over 4 years of bad shooting, why should they have my future business, sod em wouldnt listen before.
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