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Originally Posted by fredyninefingers View Post
if you take top 40 AA grade shots then drop the rest into A grade you just created a worse problem than you have now....
You're not going to find the top 40 shooters in that grade, just the top 40 who took part in that series of shoots.??? It will put even more AA grade shooters into A grade
You have to cater for the masses not just the ones who compete at all the GP' that's getting eliteist.
If the grades need adjusting then adjust all of them, and leave them alone afterwards.
I really don't want to see more rules and regulations added to FT, with AA grade shooters having to shoot more standers per course or smaller kils or extra targets...etc.
Also, i have been shooting springer for quite a while now for all my FT shooting and throughout that time i've remained in AA, if the top 40 were selected for AA and the rest dropped i'd be an A shooter...along with many more who consistantly put in AA grade scores when they do shoot, just because we don't shoot every competition we shouldn't be down graded.
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