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Default Crossed wires

Whilst I dearly love this sport of ours I suppose that like most I have a pet hate about HFT. My particluar one is that on some courses inevitably strings to targets will cross over each other and there is little as annoying than settling into your shooting position, relaxing and controlling your breathing, squeezing to first pressure and having a string move violently through your field of vision in the scope.

I know we all have occasions to use the string to identify particular targets, glean whatever wind info we can etc, but please guys have a little though for your fellow shooters. Look around at adjacent targets before you yank the string skywards.

Course setters could really help to eliminate the problem too but pegging down strings which cross over and may therefore be likely to cause this effect. There are some great little pins with loops on the end which would do this nicely.

'nuff said
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